3TNV88-BSHB Alternator replacement part AM879908 Alternator

3TNV88-BSHB Alternator replacement part AM879908 Alternator

Product NO.AM879908 Alternator(AM879908 Генератор переменн. тока)
Avaliable for model3TNV88-BSHB Alternator
Product TypeREGULAR

AM879908 alternator for 3TNV88-BSHB: 0400 ENGINE(0400 Двигатель)
Assembly Name 3TNV88-BSHB(EXCAVATOR - ZAXIS)Alternator
Category Zaxis27U-3 Excavator
Assembly Section Code PC15017
Assembly Type OEM

Ref Part Number Name Qty Type Note
1 AM879908 Alternator 1 REGULAR AM879908 Генератор переменн. тока
2 M88124 Nut 1 REGULAR M88124 Гайка
3 AM877737 Rotor 1 REGULAR AM877737 Ротор
4 M812063 Ball Bearing 1 REGULAR M812063 Шариковый подшипник
5 M805134 Cover 1 REGULAR M805134 Крышка
6 M806784 Frame 1 REGULAR M806784 Рама
7 M805135 Bearing 1 REGULAR M805135 Подшипник
8 M805136 Plate 1 REGULAR M805136 Пластина
9 M805137 Screw 4 REGULAR M805137 Винт
10 M805138 Stud 2 REGULAR M805138 Шпилька
11 M805139 Frame 1 REGULAR M805139 Рама
12 M808667 Cover 1 REGULAR M808667 Крышка
13 M806785 Pulley 1 REGULAR M806785 Шкив
14 M806786 Nut 1 REGULAR M806786 Гайка
15 M806787 Bushing 1 REGULAR M806787 Втулка
16 M808668 Regulator 1 REGULAR M808668 Регулятор
17 M805144 Holder 1 REGULAR M805144 Карман
18 AM880513 Holder 1 REGULAR AM880513 Карман
19 M805145 Brush 2 REGULAR M805145 Щетка
20 M805146 Spring 2 REGULAR M805146 Пружина
21 M805147 Screw 6 REGULAR M805147 Винт
22 M805148 Screw 1 REGULAR M805148 Винт
23 M805149 Bolt 3 REGULAR M805149 Болт
24 M805150 Screw With Washer 2 REGULAR M805150 Винт с шайбой
25 M805151 Bolt 2 REGULAR M805151 Болт
26 M805152 Bushing 1 REGULAR M805152 Втулка
27 M805153 Nut 2 REGULAR M805153 Гайка
28 M805238 Thrust Washer 1 REGULAR M805238 Упорная шайба
29 MIU800948 Bolt 1 REGULAR MIU800948 Болт
30 M810187 Nut 1 REGULAR M810187 Гайка
31 M811547 Spacer 1 REGULAR M811547 Распорная втулка
32 M811548 Adjuster 1 REGULAR M811548 Регулятор
33 MIU800002 Bolt 1 REGULAR MIU800002 Болт
34 CH19101 Bolt 1 REGULAR CH19101 Болт
35 AT318151 Relay 1 REGULAR AT318151 Реле
36 MIA881863 Relay 1 REGULAR MIA881863 Реле
39 RG60050 Timer 1 REGULAR RG60050 Таймер
40 LVU800961 Timer 1 REGULAR LVU800961 Таймер
SSID: 135D5CDC-9AD4-AEC8-E053-41D516ACAFC4
Alternator spare part AM879908 is avaliable for 3TNV88-BSHB model, but actual situation depends on your really model / equipemt, if you have any questions about AM879908 will be correctly installed or not, please contact our online tech-support.


Reference: 3TNV88-BSHB alternator Part NO. AM879908 alternator also avaliable for these model / assembly:

  • 3TNV88-BSHB Excavator Zaxis - PC15025(OEM)/ 0400C ENGINE

  • 27D Excavator - PC10115(OEM)/ 0400 ENGINE

    AM879908 применять к 27D: 0400 Двигатель

  • 27D Excavator - PC9552(OEM)/ 0400C ENGINE

The above list means AM879908 alternator suitable for these model / assembly, items are listed in the reference list according to the parts EPC , any issue please contact our online tech-support.