SA3283814 starter motor fits for EC290 Starter motor Assembly

SA3283814 starter motor fits for EC290 Starter motor Assembly

OEM NO.SA3283814 Starter Motor
For Model.EC290 Starter Motor / EC240
Starter Motor

SA3283814 starter motor for EC290
Section EC290 Starter motor, mounting (EC290 Электромотор стартера, крепление)

Ref Qty. Part Number UE NS_SS Part Name Note
1 1 SA1122-00220 U SS Relay SAFETY
2 2 SA9041-10604 U - Bolt -
3 1 SA9392-10130 U SS Clip -
4 1 SA9041-11003 U SS Bolt -
5 - SA3283814 U SS Starter Motor -
6 - SA3918567 U OP Screw -
7 - SA3931622 U OP Gasket SA3931622 прокладка
BILDID: 1005526
Group: 331 / 100 / 56121
This catalogue lists the spare parts for Excavator EC290 BUCKETS Bucket GP. ESCO. 1,1/1,24 - F24 Description: GP = General purpos, (RB)= Rock bucket. ESCO = Type of bucket tooth, Esco. 1,1 = Volume CECE cubic meter. 1,24 = Volume SAE cubic meter. S3 = Quick fit bucket. F24 = Direct-mounted (pin-on)bucket. TRACK ASSEMBLY Track TRK 600SR X 50 Description: TRK = Track 600 = Width of track S = Symmetrical track R = Clearing hole 50 = Number of track shoes
Starter motor spare part SA3283814 is avaliable for EC290 model, but actual situation depends on your really model / equipemt, if you have any questions about SA3283814 will be correctly installed or not, please contact our online tech-support.


Reference Source: EC290 starter motor spare part SA3283814 starter motor also avaliable for these model / assembly:

  • EC240 Starter motor, mounting(Электромотор стартера, крепление)/ SB161 (331 / 100 / 56118)

    SA3283814 применять к EC240 Электромотор стартера, крепление

The above list means SA3283814 starter motor also suitable for these model / assembly, items are listed in the reference list according to the parts EPC , any issue please contact our online tech-support.