MIA882091 Water pump fits for 3TNV80F Excavator zaxis water pump

MIA882091 Water pump fits for 3TNV80F Excavator zaxis water pump

Product NO.MIA882091 Water Pump(MIA882091 Водяной насос)
CategoryWater Pump
For Model.3TNV80F Water Pump
Product TypeREGULAR
Water Pump

MIA882091 water pump for 3TNV80F: 0400 Engine(0400 Двигатель)
Assembly Name 3TNV80F(EXCAVATOR - ZAXIS)Water Pump
Category Zaxis26U-5N Compact Excavator (PIN: HCMACB60_ _0260005- )
Assembly Section Code PC11352
Assembly Type OEM

Ref Part Number Name Qty Type Note
1 MIA882091 Water Pump 1 REGULAR MIA882091 Водяной насос
3 MIU800071 Gasket 1 REGULAR MIU800071 Прокладка
4 MIU800072 Cover 1 REGULAR MIU800072 Крышка
9 MIU802236 O-Ring 1 REGULAR MIU802236 Уплотнительное кольцо
10 M811345 Drain Plug 1 REGULAR M811345 Пробка сливного отверстия
11 21M7194 Screw 4 REGULAR 21M7194 Винт
12 CH17101 Plug 1 REGULAR CH17101 Заглушка
13 M811893 Gasket 1 REGULAR M811893 Прокладка
14 CH10554 Packing 1 REGULAR CH10554 Упаковка
15 19M7864 Screw 1 REGULAR 19M7864 Винт
16 19M7800 Screw 3 REGULAR 19M7800 Винт
17 MIU800678 Pulley 1 REGULAR MIU800678 Шкив
18 MIU800681 V-Belt 1 REGULAR MIU800681 Клиновой ремень
19 MIU800073 Fan 1 REGULAR MIU800073 Вентилятор
20 M802628 Spacer 1 REGULAR M802628 Распорная втулка
21 CH19141 Bolt 4 REGULAR CH19141 Болт
22 CH15535 Cover 1 REGULAR CH15535 Крышка
23 MIU803906 Thermostat 1 REGULAR MIU803906 Термостат
24 19M7866 Screw 2 REGULAR 19M7866 Винт
25 M112792 Drain Plug 1 REGULAR M112792 Пробка сливного отверстия
26 CH15516 Switch 1 REGULAR CH15516 Переключатель
27 CH13814 Washer 1 REGULAR CH13814 Шайба
28 T110737 Gasket 1 REGULAR T110737 Прокладка
29 AT318128 Sensor 1 REGULAR AT318128 Датчик
SSID: 135D5CDC-9AD4-AEC8-E053-41D516ACAFC4
Water pump spare part MIA882091 is avaliable for 3TNV80F model, but actual situation depends on your really model / equipemt, if you have any questions about MIA882091 will be correctly installed or not, please contact our online tech-support.


Reference: 3TNV80F water pump replacement part MIA882091 water pump also avaliable for these model / assembly:

  • 26G Excavator - PC11351(OEM)/ 0400 Engine

    MIA882091 применять к 26G: 0400 Двигатель

  • 1026R Tractor Compact Utility - PC10464(OEM)/ 20 Engine

    MIA882091 применять к 1026R: 20 Двигатель

  • 2026R Tractor Compact Utility - PC13297(OEM)/ EN00 Engine AUC14185-MIA11224

  • 1026R Tractor Compact Utility - PC13295(OEM)/ EN00 Engine AUC14185-MIA11224

The above list means MIA882091 water pump suitable for these model / assembly, items are listed in the reference list according to the parts EPC , any issue please contact our online tech-support.