MIA885085 Water pump use for 4TNV98-ZWHB Excavator zaxis water pump GP

MIA885085 Water pump use for 4TNV98-ZWHB Excavator zaxis water pump GP

Product NO.MIA885085 Water Pump(MIA885085 Водяной насос)
CategoryWater Pump
Avaliable for model4TNV98-ZWHB Water Pump
Product TypeREGULAR
Water Pump

MIA885085 water pump for 4TNV98-ZWHB: 0417 Water Pump(0417 Водяной насос)
Assembly Name 4TNV98-ZWHB(EXCAVATOR - ZAXIS)Water Pump and Thermostat
Category Zaxis60USB-3 Excavator
Assembly Section Code PC15016
Assembly Type OEM

Ref Part Number Name Qty Type Note
1 AT211775 Gasket 1 REGULAR AT211775 Прокладка
2 MIA885085 Water Pump 1 REGULAR MIA885085 Водяной насос
12 CH19141 Bolt 2 REGULAR CH19141 Болт
13 19M7979 Screw 5 REGULAR 19M7979 Винт
14 MIU804192 Pulley 1 REGULAR MIU804192 Шкив
15 MIU801155 V-Belt 1 REGULAR MIU801155 Клиновой ремень
16 MIU801156 Viscous Fan Drive 1 REGULAR MIU801156 Виско-привод вентилятора
17 MIU801157 Spacer 1 REGULAR MIU801157 Распорная втулка
18 M800112 Bolt 4 REGULAR M800112 Болт
19 M810186 Nut 4 REGULAR M810186 Гайка
20 MIA881116 Case 1 REGULAR MIA881116 Кожух
21 MIU801119 Sensor 1 REGULAR MIU801119 Датчик
23 MIU801100 Cover 1 REGULAR MIU801100 Крышка
25 CH16877 Gasket 1 REGULAR CH16877 Прокладка
26 CH16878 Gasket 1 REGULAR CH16878 Прокладка
27 MIU801849 Thermostat 1 REGULAR MIU801849 Термостат
29 M811567 Washer 1 REGULAR M811567 Шайба
30 M810638 Plug 2 REGULAR M810638 Заглушка
31 M87820 Bolt 4 REGULAR M87820 Болт
32 AT211852 Gasket 1 REGULAR AT211852 Прокладка
33 CH10554 Packing 1 REGULAR CH10554 Упаковка
34 CH19137 Bolt 1 REGULAR CH19137 Болт
35 19M7801 Screw 3 REGULAR 19M7801 Винт
36 M112792 Drain Plug 1 REGULAR M112792 Пробка сливного отверстия
37 CH15516 Switch 1 REGULAR CH15516 Переключатель
38 CH13814 Washer 1 REGULAR CH13814 Шайба
39 T110737 Gasket 1 REGULAR T110737 Прокладка
40 AT318128 Sensor 1 REGULAR AT318128 Датчик
41 MIA881114 Pipe 1 REGULAR MIA881114 Трубка
44 CH12813 Clamp 2 REGULAR CH12813 Скоба
45 MIA881115 Pipe 1 REGULAR MIA881115 Трубка
SSID: 135D5CDC-9AD4-AEC8-E053-41D516ACAFC4
Water pump spare part MIA885085 is avaliable for 4TNV98-ZWHB model, but actual situation depends on your really model / equipemt, if you have any questions about MIA885085 will be correctly installed or not, please contact our online tech-support.


Reference Source: 4TNV98-ZWHB water pump spare part MIA885085 water pump also avaliable for these model / assembly:

  • 60D Excavator - PC10091(OEM)/ 0417 Water Pump

    MIA885085 применять к 60D: 0417 Водяной насос

The above list means MIA885085 water pump suitable for these model / assembly, items are listed in the reference list according to the parts EPC , any issue please contact our online tech-support.